Alma 4th of July Celebration - July 2 and 3, 2021

Annual Golf Classic at Indian Foothills - August 6, 2021

Field Day and Plot Tour - August 10, 2021

2021 Winter Meeting schedule

As with many other events and activities, we are attempting to provide a hybrid version of the annual winter meeting series. All meetings will begin at 7p.m. central time whether they are in person or virtual. Please look at each meeting carefully as two meetings have an in-person presenter, and four meetings have a virtual presenter. We will still open up the Ag classroom at Santa Fe High School, and invite you to join us in-person for every meeting in this series. If you are not feeling well or prefer to stay home, you also have the opportunity to "join" each meeting virtually. Masks will be provided if you do not have one, and we ask that you do your best, as we will do ours, to distance yourself from others.

**Please note, the Kickoff Meeting has been postponed to a later date, we will update you with information as soon as we know we can safely host the meal and meeting.**

Monday, January 18 @ 7p.m. - Managing Soil to reduce Nitrate problems

Join us as Eric Fuchs with Missouri Rural Water Association presents in person to discuss different management practices that could help minimize nitrate problems. You can join this meeting virtually through our Facebook page, Santa Fe Agri-leaders.

Monday, January 25 @ 7p.m. - Processing Plants and the Food chain

Join us as Davin Althoff with Missouri Department of Ag presents in person to discuss how Missouri processing plants utilized CARES Act funding to become more robust and how the food chain was impacted during last year's challenges. You can join this meeting virtually through our Facebook page, Santa Fe Agri-leaders.


Monday, February 1 @ 7p.m. - Farm Surveillance/Smart Farms

Join us for a virtual presentation from Leon Schumacher with University of Missouri to talk about how technology can help you in various ways on your farm. Please use the information below to join via Zoom.
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 915 3867 1762 Passcode: SFAL

Monday, February 8 @ 7p.m. - Raising Better Beans

Join us for a virtual presentation by Greg Luce with the Missouri Soybean Association/MSMC as he shares optimal soybean production tips, gathered from his years as a researcher and crop specialist.
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 956 5190 9929 Passcode: SFAL

Monday, February 15 @ 7p.m. - Water & Carbon credit opportunities on your Farm

Join us for a virtual presentation from Debbie Reed at Ecosystem Services Market as she explains how your farm could have an opportunity to create more income through ecosystem credits like carbon and water quantity/quality.
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 946 6533 1743 Passcode: SFAL

Monday, February 22 @ 7p.m. - MO Ag Economic Recovery

Join us for a virtual presentation from Professor Alan Spell with University of Missouri, along with his colleagues, as they outline the impacts COVID had on the local (ag) economy and how it can recover.
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 912 3128 9407 Passcode: SFAL

You can follow our Facebook page for updated information regarding these meetings, as well as visit our website, listen to KMMO or subscribe to textcasts through Santa Fe School District.

The Second Annual Wine About It event was held on March 13!

We had a great group of ladies who painted some beautiful canvases and raised over $140 to be used by the Health Care Collaborative Fund that aids individuals in many different ways. Mental health services are an important part of keeping rural communities strong. The Santa Fe AgriLeaders are proud to partner with them to provide support. We could not have hosted such a wonderful event without all of these sponsors and donors. Thank you!!

THANK YOU! This year was our largest tournament yet! Too many to fit in just one picture! We couldn´t do any of this without all of our hole sponsors and the awesome people who came out to golf. Thank you to Indian Foothills for always being so accommodating as well! And thanks to AgPower for the use of the Gator too. We can´t wait to start planning the Golf Classic for 2020!

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